Welcome to my Portfolio
Angel Sanchez


Data Science and Exploratory Data Analysis.

Build a Relational Database: Joining Tables

An SQL project in which I build a database and join two tables together

Life Expectancy Report

Analysis and discussion on the quality of life using the Life Expectancy (WHO) Data set

Clearance Rate Report

Analysis and discussion on clearance rate using the murder accountability project data set

Cause of Death Analysis

(In Progress) Analysis of causes of death in the United States using NCHS - Death Rates and Causes of Death data set

Suicide Analysis

(In Progress) Analysis of suicide across the world using the WHO Suicide Statistics data set

U.S. Crime Analysis

(In Progress)This Report looks at the crime rate in the United States to look at the relationship between the population growth and the overall decline in the country

World Military Spending Analysis

(In Progress) This project uses Python using the Pandas library to create a Data Report. I show the military spending of various countries


My name is Angel Sanchez I am a Data Analyst based in South Florida. I hold a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After getting my bachelor's I thought about my true passions and interests. I learned about python, analytics, and the importance of business intelligence. Once I discovered the potential of data science I decided to shift my career. I've dedicated my life towards developing my skills as a data analyst

I now have a Technical Certificate in Business Intelligence from Broward College. I also have many passion projects that have strengthened my analytical abilities. I am searching for a data analytics position in the South Florida area. Please take a look at my portfolio and send me an email with any questions you have about it, thank you.